The Miami Cafe Experience

The Miami Cafe Experience

Coffee is more than just a beverage – it’s a social standing, activity, and community. It can start with an infatuation that quickly turns into a serious passion. So what is it about coffee that makes you either love and adore it or walk away thinking you really don’t want to be a part of this coffee fetish?

We think it is the multi-dimensional ability of a cafe or coffee shop to satisfy the needs of its customers.

So when a coffee shop in Miami offers great service, wonderful coffee, and a few light and delicious meals, people grow to love the place and think of it as their home away from home.

There are a ton of reasons why great Miami cafes are beloved by their customers and we will show you a few of those reasons:

A Good Miami Cafe is a Sanctuary
In business, “let’s grab a cup of Jo” is actually a code phrase for “Let’s get out of this stressful environment for a little while and go somewhere we can talk.” People love a good coffee shop because it is a sanctuary, a place to get out of the heat, the traffic and a busy lifestyle.

An Office Away from The Office
When traveling in Miami, or when you need a place to work, the best place to go is a Miami cafe. The atmosphere makes it the ideal solution for a temporary workplace. You don’t have to work from your cramped hotel room where you can’t see any of the city activities. A coffee shop is a great work alternative because you get a feel for the city and can get your work done at the same time. However, if you do visit a cool coffee shop or cafe to work, be aware of the time you spend at a table. The wait staff is not always appreciative if you stay too long.

A Place Where You Feel At Home
A good cafe manager knows his customers. He can make your favorite drink without asking you what it is when you visit the same cafe over and over again. The cafe can be a home away from home and Baristas understand that a good chat can stave off the loneliness you might feel.

A cafe can be a social place. Whether you prefer sushi, kosher food, or just plain black coffee, your local cafe can be the place to grow relationships, meet new people, have meetings or simply chat with the people at other tables. In this setting, it is ok to chat with other customers because they share mutual appreciation here.

OK so now that you remember how great a cafe with good coffee can be, you should try out some of the best cafe options in Miami while you are here. We’ve put together a quick shortlist of the best cafes in the city.

If you happen to be in the Aventura area, you must try Fresko. This Kosher Dairy restaurant offers a perfect mix of dishes and flavors, everything from Latin to the Mediterranean is here. Enjoy your sushi with fresh dairy or juice. Just sitting at Fresko for a morning breakfast treat is a real refresher and a wonderful way to start your day.

Zak The Baker
Wynwood, a once neglected manufacturing district, has transformed into one of the most hip spots in the area. Whether you’ve come to visit the Wynwood Walls, take a peek at the various art galleries, breweries or boutiques, I’m sure there’s one thing on your mind; coffee. This well known bakery and cafe will not disappoint. Zak The Baker, Wynwood bakery and café, is located in the heart of Wynwood. It’s famous for its in house, gourmet pastries and laid back vibe. Kick back and enjoy breakfast, a cappuccino and a croissant at this hip café in downtown Miami.

If you’re touring Surfside and are craving a latte alongside a gourmet dish, look no further. This artisan bistro offers a chic and intimate setting, featuring sidewalk seats and a sophisticated menu. They’re open from breakfast until dinner, and offer culinary creations for every palate.Take time out of your day to unwind at Rustiko with your loved one. You’ll be glad that you did.

Bottom Line
As you see, the cafe has become a daily staple for the residents and visitors of Miami. It is a great place to socialize, try some of the local flavors, or hold a business meeting. The cafe is the social hub of a community, so head on over to any of these wonderful cafes in Miami to get a taste of the coffee, the food and enjoy the warmth of the Miami community.