Incorporate History on Fun Florida Vacations

Incorporate History on Fun Florida Vacations

There are some states that top the list when it comes to popular destinations to vacation. Florida is simply one of the best places to plan these trips. This is true whether couples are planning a getaway or families trying to enjoy the summer. As reported by Visit Florida, there were 30.7M visitors traveling here in the third quarter of 2018.

Cities, such as Aventura are a big part of the attraction for vacationers. This is a portion of the northeastern segment of Miami-Dade County. Along with offering travelers a choice of brilliant beaches and delectable kosher restaurant Aventura options, there is a lot to experience in this area. It is possible to incorporate history with any fun vacation because there are many sites to visit in the community.

Let’s take a look at some of the great historic attractions that make an impression on vacationers.

St. Bernard de Clairvaux
Many people enjoy looking at the architecture that a particular area offers. Fortunately for those visiting this location, there are many terrific examples to choose from. After grabbing a bite from Kosher sushi Aventura, you can stop by one of the most scenic historic sites. St. Bernard De Clairvaux dates back to the 12th century and was originally built in Spain.

This is a monastery that was dismantled and shipped to the states in the 20th century. It is a fine display of Romanesque architecture and beautiful gardens. This is an attraction that provides a distinct view of Florida and a piece of history. There are regular tours available for those visiting here on vacation. It is a good idea to view the attraction’s website to see if there are concerts scheduled during your trip.

Pegasus and Dragon Statue
Like many of the interesting historic sites in and around Aventura, the Pegasus, and Dragon Statue showcase nature. These displays are situated in the park of Hillandale Beach which is another popular destination here. The statue is 100-feet tall and has quite a history and standing. Being recognized as the 2nd tallest statue in the U.S. makes it quite unique.

This statue is second only to the Statue of Liberty in NYC. It was designed as an eye-catching tribute on the casino and racetrack grounds. Weighing approximately 700 tons, this statue cost $30M and is a fine depiction of good versus evil. Visitors enjoy seeing the statue during the evening hours when they can watch a light and laser show focusing on the creatures.

Venetian Pool
This is yet another tourist attraction that incorporates both history and natural beauty. The Venetian Pool with its recognizable waterfall display is actually a public pool. It is a staple in the area for more than those who want to swim. It once was a common practice to drain the pool for symphony performances. Situated in Coral Gables, this is a nice site for Aventura vacationers to visit.

This architectural feat was designed by Phineas Paist along with Denman Fink. It was completed in 1924 and continues to bring residents and vacationers to this location. Those desiring to utilize the pool need to purchase admission to do so. Visiting the attraction website is a good way to find the hours and pricing information.

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach
Established by a non-profit organization of survivors in 1985, the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach is an insightful historic site to visit. Located on Meridian Avenue, this is both a museum and a place of learning. Visitors can participate in tours and utilize educational resources that are available onsite. There are also field trip opportunities here, which are great for children of various ages.

The DVD library catalog is among the resources that are offered at this memorial location. Film series and other materials can be viewed by visitors. Its close proximity to the Aventura area makes it a good choice for a day trip activity. You will be able to visit the website to find out about calendar events. These may coincide with your vacation in Florida.

Deering Estate
Once, the home of Charles Deering, this estate is a fine example of architecture and history. It exemplifies the period of the 1920s for one of the area’s famous residents. Deering was known as a collector, preservationist, and philanthropist. Originally from Chicago, Deering became the first chairman of the International Harvester Company.

The estate is currently included on the National Register of Historic Places. Onsite visitors discover a gallery, historic structures, collections, and various other artifacts. Tours run throughout the year and can be booked by visitors. Along with these, there are other activities that take place on the property. These include those focusing on photography, conservation, and meditation.

Vacationers find that everything that they need for an enjoyable time can be found in the area. Families traveling together can plan dinners with kosher catering Aventura menus. There are many exciting venues for fun and outdoor events. Along with a choice of delicious cuisine, this is a section of Florida that presents visitors with sightseeing options. You will be able to embrace history and progress here.

One of the thrilling things about planning a vacation is being able to explore the area. Like most parts of the country, it is possible to learn about the area through its history. Landmarks, museums, and other attractions are a part of what makes Aventura and the Miami locations intriguing. They provide opportunities to experience nature and to learn about things that make the state appealing.