Getting to Know Aventura

Getting to Know Aventura

Aventura was named after one of the first condominiums developed in the area during the 1970s. A planned suburban community, the area was originally called Turnberry. The Turnberry Golf Course is still popular today. Don’t forget if you need a kosher restaurant to stop at, Fresko’s is in the area. Fresko’s combines Asian, Italian and Spanish flavors with fresh choices every day. Give Kosher sushi Aventura a try.

Spanish Monastery
One of the oldest historical sites in Aventura is the Spanish Monastery. This is an actual Spanish monastery built in 1140. During political upheavals in Spain, the monastery was closed and was sold the William Hearst who had it shipped to Florida. After his death, the monastery was finally reconstructed and sits in a unique garden with covered walkways. The monastery is an active Roman Catholic Church and is a popular site for weddings. It has also been featured in a number of films and television shows. Open daily for tours, the Monastery is closed on Good Friday and Holy Saturday before Easter.

Hollywood Beach
Older than the monastery, this beach is very popular and very family oriented. From its restful cabanas to its shop-lined boardwalk, this beach is one of the best in Florida. The water is warm and the city provides lifeguards during the tourist season. Some lucky residents actually live next to this wonderful beach.

Museum of Contemporary Art
This museum celebrates the history of contemporary art of many cultures. Current exhibits feature the art of Haiti and the Africobra Collection, a black centered art developed in Chicago in the 1970s. The museum provides Sunday stories for families and Minimaker days that allow children and adults to work on art projects together. This museum features many native and minority artists.

Arch Creek Historic and Archaeological Park
This Park is built around an ancient trail used by the Tequesta Indians. The park centers around a natural limestone bridge and has lots of hiking areas. Arch Park contains middens built by the Tequestas possibly over 2,000 years ago. The Seminoles also lived in this area and the park contains an Indian burial ground. It has a coontie mill, which is a local plant the Indians used for flour. The park has a museum that is devoted to the Tequestas and the Seminole Indians.

Gulfstream Park
Gulfstream Park is the home of a historic race track. The track is the home of the beginning run of the triple crown for horse racing. The paddocks are especially beautiful and the race track itself rivals those in Europe. The park also has a casino and sports book near the track. Many people enjoy the birthday special that includes a race named after the celebrant and a picture with the winner. Employees are always willing to discuss the history of the track with visitors.

Aventura Mall
This is the 5th largest mall in the United States and is known for its cleanliness and variety of stores. Besides stores, it also has a movie theater, lots of restaurants, a center amphitheater with concerts on the weekends, lots of parking and a set of upper boutique level stores. It features one of the largest Apple stores. It offers a number of services including medical, dental, hair styling and a children’s area. Built in the early 1970s, this mall has been continually updated and is clearly a place where visitors can get lost. Besides the usual mall stores and services, the mall also features displays that center on the South Florida area. These include the beach scene, car racing, fishing, and outdoor sports and seasonal shops.

Aventura Circle
This is a three-mile jogging path that surrounds the Turnberry golf courses. Available for walking or jogging, this path features a number of historic structures at the golf course which can be viewed from the path. This path lets visitors experience the native plants of the Aventura area. Visitors can also see a variety of ducks and other water birds up close. Some visitors were especially delighted to meet up with iguanas that live by the lake. Bikers can also use this paved path that takes visitors all around the downtown area. If you need to eat at a Kosher restaurant after your hike, keep Fresko’s or Rustiko’s in mind. This is the perfect way to end your day out with Kosher dairy restaurant Aventura.

Turnberry Golf Courses
Aventura is the home to two famous golf courses at the Turnberry Isle Resort. Home to both PGA and LPGA tournaments, this golf course is world famous. It features the Miller or Soffer courses. The Soffer course is being remodeled to include new greens and grounds. The hotel in the area has several displays featuring the players who have won and participated in golf at this prime Florida location.

Aventura, while new in terms of history, still has lots of historic sites that everyone can enjoy. These include family outings, outdoor sports, shopping, museums, and live performances. Plus, the area features a kosher dairy restaurant, Fresko’s. Don’t forget to stop by this unique blend of flavors during your visit to Aventura. We are waiting to show you our great town.